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Ulama Benteng

Sabtu, 29 Julai 2017

Tutor Al-Quran and Arabic - Home Tutor for Al-Quran and Arabic in Kuala Lumpur Selangor (Updated: 29 July 2017)


Alhamdulillah and in syaa Allah, I am offering and interested to provide service in learning Quran, fardhu ain, Quran translation/meaning, hadits discussion, tazkirah and basic Arabic. The class could be conducted in English and/or bahasa Melayu.

I received authorization/accredition (tauliah) to teach Al-Quran from Department of Islamic Affairs of Selangor State (JAIS), Department of Islamic Affairs of Federal Territories (JAWI) and Department of Mufti Kedah.

I have served for at least 202 persons since beginning.

I have interacted with 159 families/students/groups for the purpose of class request. Class via online mode was also requested / suggested for students in Italy and Canada.

Pictures showing some of the classes we have conducted at various places

Weekly classes during lunch hour with staff at KLCC

                       Weekly classes during lunch hour with staff at KLCC

Invitation to be guest for IKIM Fm on air program 11 March 2016. 

Among my students (72 persons):
  • Muslim Malay-American African mixed blood boy 
  • Muslim Frenchman expatriate 
  • Reverted Muslim Frenchman musician
  • Commercial pilot
  • Business managers
  • Senior engineer, engineer, IT executive
  • Son and daughter of Encik Edry Abdul Halim (KRU) and Puan Halina Abdul Halim 
  • Medical officers - surgical department
  • Civil engineer
  • Muslim Japanese 
  • Company's Senior Vice President and Head of Human Resources 
  • Maldives boys
  • Malaysian boy residing in Canada (back to Malaysia during break)
  • Malaysian boy returning from Australia
  • Indonesian 
  • Consultant mechanical engineer from Guinea Africa - Canadian

Now I am working in Kuala Lumpur and staying in Selangor.

Sessions for group learning has been conducted during lunch hour at office building facilities.

At the same time, I have weekend tasmi' hifzil Quran (Quran memorization review/audit/check session) class with a lecturer from Darul Quran JAKIM to ensure I am always improving my understanding of Al-Quran.

Some of my past experience assisted me in this service.

Alhamdulillah, I have been serving as a tutor for Quran learning since my university study years in Adelaide Australia (2009-2011). The classes we conducted in English and/or Bahasa Melayu.

Among them are kids from (15 persons):

  • Malaysian families including the parents themselves who are university lecturers (6 persons)
  • Singaporean family (2 persons)
  • Ethiopian families (3 persons)
  • Bangladeshis family (1 person)
  • Pakistanis family (3 persons)

Below are two testimonials from Puan Rahima Ibrahim who is a company's vice president and a post-PhD staff from Adelaide, Australia (Dr. Sharmina whose son I taught for about 2 years from scratch until alhamdulillah he managed to recite Al-Quran well). 

From Madam Irum (Pakistan): 

Alhamdolillah! My daughter knows the sounds better (in reciting Al-Quran) I think. This is all due to your hard work. Thank you.  2 March 2016

From En Syed Taha, Executive O&G Company: 

For me, the class structure is really good, and the knowledge is good as well.

From En Redzuan, Executive Engineer O&G Company

Salam Ustaz,
Sangat-sangat berbangga dengan usaha Ustaz. Saya personally dapat inspiration dari usaha ustaz untuk menghafaz Al-quran and at same time belajar Arab. Terima kasih banyak-banyak dengan ilmu yang telah diajari, saya doakan usaha Ustaz akan sentiasa diberkati dan mendapat Rahmat dari Allah S.W.T.


From Dato' Farisah: 

Assalamulaikum Ustaz, I am very happy to hear about his progress. Syukur that I managed to find an english speaking ustaz for my son. Please be free to teach him or even do not hesitate to advise him anything that is best for him. Will inform any friends about your excellent services.

From Encik Rashid: 

Thank you Ustaz for helping my son on his journey.

From Puan Rahimah Ibrahim: 

I would like to acknowledge Ustaz Ikhwan is coaching me the Quran reading since the last couple of months.

I am pleased to inform the Ustaz is very competent and his teaching style adapts well for adult learning.  

He has shown in interest in my progress and he gives me enough time and space to learn.   

He is very dedicated and committed to ensure his students meet the expectation and he delivers to his best ability.  

I am very happy with his teaching style and I am progressing well under his guidance.  

I wish to convey my heartiest thanks to Ustaz and may ALLAH always bless him for his contributions towards enriching Islam.”   (Puan Rahima Ibrahim, 8 December 2014)

From Dr Sharmina Ahmed: 

To whom it may concern: 

Re: Mohd Ikhwan bin Ahmad Zhaki’s commitment to teach about Quran/Islam

This letter is to commend Mohd Ikhwan bin Ahmad Zhaki for his honest commitment to teach about Quran and Islam to my son.

Ustaz Ikhwan started to teach our son about Quran and Islam during 2009 while he was studying in University of Adelaide for his Bachelor Degree. He taught our son for two years. Ustaz Ikhwan has a very systematic approach to teach basic Arabic, use of Arabic in Quran and Hadith, meaning and explanation of Quranic verses and Hadith related to the verses. 

He also teaches our son many important Duas and how to perform Salat. He brought forward good qualities such as punctuality, honesty, respectfulness and friendliness that are needed to motivate our son towards learning about Islam.

Although He was also studying during that time and had the pressure of his own study, he never showed any idleness towards teaching our son Aquif. He made the lessons full of fun which encouraged our son more. He thought about new ideas to make the lesson exciting. His unconventional way of thinking helped my son to learn about Islam, Quran and Hadith.

We wish Mohd Ikhwan bin Ahmad Zhaki all the best for his future endeavour.

Sharmina and Jasim

Parents from Bangladesh 

If you are interested to discuss further with me regarding this learning session, you may contact me at:


(but please send me an SMS first introducing yourself and intention for this class, because I won't pick up any unregistered phone number in my mobile =) )

We may be able to organize class to learn how recite Al-Quran for people at any stage of age, in syaa Allah we try our best.  If I could not serve, other teacher(s) may do so.

In syaa Allah, together with me are another ustazs and ustazahs to assist.

Currently I am teaching Al-Quran and fardhu ain to students at various locations in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur. Starting from 18 September 2013.

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Selasa, 25 Julai 2017

Dimudahkan, Dimuliakan Kematian dengan Husnul Khatimah

Dimudahkan, Dimuliakan Kematian dengan Husnul Khatimah

Allah memuliakan para hamba-Nya yang ikhlas dalam beramal. Dijemput kematian dalam keadaan yang mulia.

Kisah kematian seorang muazin yang ikhlas melaungkan azan. Beliau sudah lanjut usianya. Kesungguhan beliau dalam azan, walaupun tidak dengan suara merdu. Sehingga penduduk tahu suaranya dan kenal.

Pada ketika hampir akhir usianya, beliau mengarahkan kepada anaknya supaya memanggil jemaah solat untuk hadir ke rumahnya. Katanya beliau sudah tidak lama lagi akan pergi.

Ketika jemaah di rumahnya, beliau meminta mereka membacakan al-Quran Surah Yasin kepada beliau. Beliau juga meminta imam hadir dekat dengannya untuk mengajarkan beliau mengucap “Laa ilaaha illaLLah”. Selesai bacaan Yasin, beliau menghembuskan nafas terakhirnya.

Catatan tazkirah,
sementara menanti solat Isyak berjamaah di Masjid Sg Ramal Luar, Kajang tadi,
ustaz yang menyampaikan kuliah menggunakan kitab Ihya’ Ulumiddin karangan Hujjatul Islam Al-Imam Al-Ghazali rohimahuAllah.

Mohd Ikhwan Ahmad Zhaki

2 Zulqaidah 1438, 24 Julai 2017

Berpegangteguhlah dengan institusi Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama'ah!

Berpegangteguhlah dengan institusi Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama'ah!

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